Semi permanent Hair Dye available in an amazing range of extreme colours.

Hair Dye and Hair Gels

Hair Dye & Hair Gels

Shocking Pink

Megenta Hair Dye

Great selection of Reds

Lots of hair dye and a whole range of Cosmetics.

Red Haze offers you cosmetics and hair-dyes in every funky, glittery colour you can imagine.

Bored with your hair colour?  Into punk clothing then our range of hair dye is a must.

Why not dye it pink!  Or blue!  We've got everything you need to dye your hair the colour you want.

We have over twenty different colours available so there's sure to be one colour your looking for. Just click on the link at the bottom of the page.

All of our products are British made by Stargazer  and are not, ingredients or otherwise, tested on animals. Plus these hair dyes are free of ammonia and peroxide.

If you do not wish to have permenant hair colour then these are ideal for you since the effects last approx. 8 washes, depending on shampoo and original hair colour. All these dyes work on all hair types. The lighter the original hair colour, the brighter the result.


For the best results we would always recommend bleaching your hair, and we have bleach kits available which are designed to work with our Dyes. The White Dye is designed to work with freshly bleached hair only and has no effect on unbleached hair.

With any dye we would recommend performing a strand test first, everybody's hair is different.

Don't forge we also stock a range a Gels including UV and Metallic. Just click on the link at the bottom of the page to see our massive range of Cosmetics including everything from Lipsticks to False Eye Lashes and a hell of a lot inbetween.


African Green



Stand out with our range of Neon Body Gels.



Click for the whole range of punk hair dye and Goth cosmetics including Body Gels

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